6 Best Exercises

Many people are keen on building muscles, and there are many ways to training the body parts that you care. When setting your mind on body building, you should definitely do it in the most effective way! Here, we have got the ULTIMATE list — Six of the best muscle-building exercises that have been recommended by Internet users worldwide!


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Guys, get ready and start trying some new moves!


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  • Chest Muscles Training: Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

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There are many types of flat bench press. Compared to the usual barbell flat bench press, dumbbell flat bench press uses less deltoid muscles, which means it gives more stimulation to the chest muscles and thus allows them to grow bigger!



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  • Best Back Muscles Training: Front Wide Grip Pull-Down

source: https://bit.ly/2rTJPdd

Scientists once had 10 experienced fitness trainers do front wide grip pulldown (using an overhand grip and underhand grip) and back wide grip pull-down exercises. At the same time, they used electromyogram(EMG) to record the trainers’ muscle activities. The result indicates that the front wide grip pull-down uses the most muscle fibers in the latissimus dorsi on the back, and surprisingly back grip comes second!



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  • Best Biceps Training: Narrow Underhand Pull-Up

source: https://bit.ly/2rKRXuC

When doing narrow underhand pull-ups, you have to use your biceps to control the balance of your body. Gain this control requires more mobilization of muscle nerves, which leads to the most natural state of muscle contraction.



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  • Best Hip Muscles Training: Romanian Deadlift

source: https://bit.ly/2s37aKb

Compared to equipments of lying curls, Romanian deadlift allows you to use more strength and stimulates your gluteus to the greatest extent!



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  • Best Abs Training: Crunch

source: https://bit.ly/2rApyc7

With slight alteration, the unexpectedly simple, basic crunch stimulates all four abdominal muscles; a crunch plus two other different techniques or methods involve all core muscles. If you don’t have too much time for abdominal training, these tips will help you achieve better results with less time spent!



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  • Best Core Strength Training: Plank

source: https://bit.ly/2s2PcYp

If you want to improve your core strength, the best and most simple exercise is to plank, which does not require any equipments and doable for almost everyone. Instead of doing push-ups, just pose your arms at a 90 degree-angle and use your upper arms as support. It’s simple but effective if you can hold this pose for a long period of time!



In the age of technology, besides keeping working on these basic exercises, we can take advantage of supplementary products to multiply fitness effects, that is, using them while exercising. Effective ones include UNICORN’s Sculpting Abdomen Gel. Through its help, heat is applied to your abs. The higher the exercise intensity is, the better effect the supplementary product takes.



Again, do the universally-recognized best practices or not at all!  Perfection should be your only goal when setting mind on fitness training. The two-pronged approach of physical training and supplementary products not only saves you time, but leads you to remarkable results!(Recommended reading:Do the universally-recognized best practices or nothing at all! 6 Best Exercises for Muscle Building)

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